Polished Chrome (10), Satin Brass PVD (21), Polished Metallic Rose PVD (90), Satin Metallic Rose PVD (95), Radiant Polished Gold PVD (60), and Radiant Satin Gold PVD (65) finishes possess a lifetime warranty against tarnish.
Polished Nickel (70) and Satin Nickel (75) finishes possess a seven year limited warranty to be free from defects.
Matte Black (91) finish possesses a three year limited warranty to be free from defects.
For those that demand genuine gold in their homes, Santec offers Genuine Polished Gold and Satin Gold finishes (30, 35) on select faucets and bath fixtures. Our genuine gold finishes are “Living Finishes” as they contain the real element of nature’s most valuable mineral. Our gold finishes therefore bear the same characteristics of natural gold both in appearance and softness. All gold finishes will wear with time. Gold plating is delicate and requires careful handling and cleaning. The rate of finish deterioration depends on various factors such as the conditions and frequency of use, exposure to climate moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors. Santec does not warranty genuine gold finishes after possession has been transferred from the dealer to the customer due to the uncertain handling and environmental factors unique to each home. Wear and tear is not a defect but a process of normal usage and is not covered under finish warranty. When purchasing gold faucets and fixtures, the customer is responsible to check for any defects before taking possession of the product.


A Lifetime Limited Warranty is provided on parts to be free from failure related defects in materials and workmanship under normal usage. This warranty does not apply to replacement parts with damage caused by normal wear and tear. SANTEC cartridges carry a five year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects from date of purchase.


This warranty extends to the original consumer purchaser only and extends for as long as the original purchaser owns the product and the home in which the product is installed.


  • Damage due to negligence, accident, abuse, improper installation, or improper maintenance such as, but not limited to: heat from soldering during installation, the use of plumber’s putty, and damage from tools used during installation.
  • Products or parts which have been altered or used in a manner not designed or typical for the product.
  • Any product installed outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight or in a maritime environment and susceptible to deterioration caused by environmental impacts.
  • Damage from the use of or exposure to chemicals or cleaning products either abrasive or non-abrasive, hard water, mineral deposits, water softeners, or corrosive agents.
  • Reverse osmosis may also shorten the life of the finish due to its corrosive nature and voids warranty.
  • Loss, damages, or expenses, incidental or consequential whatsoever, originating from the purchase, installation, use, repair, failure, or replacement of any SANTEC product or part, allowed by law.
  • Drains due to the nature of use with various types of liquid agents
  • Glass, crystal, or porcelain parts and components given the respective usage unique to each home.
  • Commercial and/or industrial installations and use of the product.
  • Labor, travel charges, plumbing, plumbing related, or any costs incurred for repair, removal, installation, servicing, diagnosing, or handling of either defective or replacement parts.
  • Removal of parts or components such as water flow restrictors and limiters or the use of other than genuine Santec parts voids warranty.
  • Changes in the finish or in the product due to normal wear or aging.
  • Customers are responsible for all related freight costs on warranty items.